Could Your Baby Monitor Cameras Be Susceptible to Hacking?

To say that technology, in all its forms, makes everyday life easier would be an understatement. From finding out breaking news to online shopping, and now even to keeping tabs of your house security cameras—everything is just within a touch of a button. With growing accessibility to online settings, threats are just around the corner.

One of the most alarming ones when it comes to these types of threats is the breach of privacy. In a number of high-profile cases, home surveillance cameras have been easily compromised, and disturbing reports of hacked baby monitor cameras have also risen.

Just earlier this month, a Western Australian mother voiced her worries when she found out that the baby monitor she recently purchased was reportedly compromised. This particular monitoring device allowed parents to log in with a QR code and a generic password in order to watch their child through the monitoring camera. The report said that the user followed the instructions for installation, but was surprised upon opening it, when she was met with a vision of a stranger’s bedroom, rather than her own child’s. This is not an isolated case, as there was also a report wherein a stranger allegedly managed to hack a baby monitor camera to watch a mother breastfeed. Another one came from a Texas couple who also experienced a similar alarming situation, wherein they heard a man’s voice coming from their baby monitor, threatening to kidnap their child.

With these disturbing discoveries, we should always keep ourselves protected from these types of threats. As a precaution, always remember to set strong passwords, keep it secured, and choose the best online security. Trend Micro offers the best security for all of your available devices including Trend Micro Home Network Security which filters incoming and outgoing traffic to provide an extra layer of protection for the home network and various smart devices.

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