Pay Guard Secures Your Online Transactions

These days, online shopping is considered a day-to-day activity that we have a tendency to forget that the internet is not a safe place. Most of the time, we get too carefree in giving away information online; we should always remember that internet security should always be prioritised, especially if you use your credit cards for various online transactions. Oftentimes for these cards to be used for online purchases, you need to input your private information, thus making you vulnerable to different types of threats online.

“Keep Your Online Transactions Secure with Trend Micro Security’s Pay Guard Browser”


Trend Micro offers the new Pay Guard Browser available with all three 2019 PC editions of Trend Micro Security, which is specifically designed to secure private data from being compromised by automatically providing a secure browser for all online transactions. Pay Guard works by eliminating third-party extensions and other vulnerabilities susceptible to threats via respective default browsers. Pay Guard Browser also uses Trend Micro Password Manager to further ensure the use of strong and encrypted passwords whenever you conduct online transactions. Password Manager is automatically installed with Trend Micro Maximum Security, while other users can go to the Trend Micro Security Products Overview page to get it.

Trend Micro Security’s Pay Guard Browser is easy, effortless, and uncomplicated to use as a defence for any sort of online threat. This added security protection will prevent any forms of threats, cybercrimes, and having your personal information stolen. Get your Trend Micro Security now to prevent these and to get the best protection for all your devices.

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