Should Victims Pay For Ransomware?

With the importance of advanced technology, online threats are something that everyone—from home to commercial users—should always be wary of. One type of threat that we should particularly watch out for is a malware that demands a certain amount of money in exchange for hacked information. This type of malware is called a ransomware. This threat prevents or limits users from accessing their victim’s system, either by locking the system’s screen or by locking the users’ files unless the ransom is paid.

Ransomware can attack you anytime, anywhere

But what should we do if we become a victim of ransomware? Should we give in to their demands? The answer is a resounding no, you should never give in to their demands—no matter how ‘low’ the price they’re demanding was. There have been instances where the cybercriminal has stayed true to their word and given the victim their money back. In other cases, even if the ransom was paid, access was not released and even a second ransom was demanded.

Ransomware is a genuine threat that should never be taken lightly, thus precautions should always take place. Trend Micro offers the best protection for your various devices with Trend Micro Premium Security that not only defends you against ransomware, but also blocks almost 250 million threats a day. It protects and manages passwords and secures mobile devices for additional defence against unwanted online threats.

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