Hackers Can Illegally Modify CT and MRI Scans

Advances in technology have been immensely helpful when it comes to detecting an illness, especially a life-threatening one. This technology can be questioned however, with a study confirming the possibility of CT and MRI results being compromised by hackers.

A 3D sample of injection (left) and removal (right) before (blue) and after (red) tampering with the CT scan (original source: BGU Researchers)

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University (BGU) sought permission and broke into an actual hospital network to prove a theory that CT and MRI results could be altered. It was then found that hackers can access the hospital’s internal network through the hospital’s WiFi. Radiologists misdiagnosed altered scans – diagnosing cancer, when cancer was not present. The scans could be altered to add or remove tumours, traces of aneurysms, heart disease, blood clots, and more. Researchers have also pointed out that insurance fraud and research sabotage are some of the reasons why these hackers would have the motive to push through with the crime.

Despite this alarming discovery however, researchers remain optimistic by offering several solutions such as enabling encryption between the hosts, and limiting exposure of sensitive servers to the internet. Consumers are advised to make sure the place they are receiving their results from are prioritising their security of data; and if there is any suspicion that results may be compromised, seek a second opinion for assurance and confirmation.

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