The Merits of Auto-Renewal

In this time of technological accessibility, everything is within reach with just a press of a button. Choosing the best security option for you can be done via a simple click on the Trend Micro Security online shop. With everything being done easily and conveniently, opting for auto-renewal for Trend Micro security is an added solution that makes life easier for a threat-free digital life.

Why choose auto-renewal?

Auto-renewal is designed to make life easier by saving what is precious: your time. So many of us lead busy lives every day that we simply cannot find time to do anything manually anymore—including renewing security software. Trend Micro Security makes it easier for everybody to choose the renewal option, with it being readily available before choosing to check out on your shopping cart. Upon purchase of your choice of Trend Micro Security, it is highly recommended to select the automatic renewal option to free yourself from worries of discontinued device security protection.

We value your precious time

Time is of importance, and should not be wasted in waiting for a manual process—auto-renewal gets completed each period thus making it easier to have worry-free, continuous protection. It also allows users to confidently know precisely when and how much the payment will be, which can support your financial planning and management as well. Additionally, users will also be receiving e-mail reminders before the current subscription ends to serve as a reminder that the renewal period is coming. This email will contain a link wherein you will have the option to cancel your renewal automatically.

In the case of cancelling subscriptions, the process is as easy as pie—you can just sign in to your Trend Micro account and toggle the disable auto-renew button and payments can be stopped immediately; no need to wait for our administration team to process the cancellation. In case that you are still unable to disable it, you may contact our Technical Support for further assistance.

Choose to auto-renew

The auto-renewal option is so convenient that users don’t have to worry about logging in online and painstakingly inputting card information repeatedly, consuming so much time to get the same product. Choosing the auto-renew option will help prevent users from missing out on product or period offers with the ease of never missing the next payment. The continuous protection is also an added bonus in choosing to renew automatically; you’ll never know what threat may come to attack your devices at any given time.


For further questions about auto-renewal, you can find more information here.

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