Are One-Time Codes Secure?

Online accounts are found to be more common nowadays—from emails to banking, most of us rely on our online accounts for much easier access. However, with the creation of these accounts on the internet, our privacy is also put into a vulnerable place. An additional security set-up was created in order to make our accounts more secure—the two-factor authentication process. It sends codes via SMS for further identity validation, preventing hackers from using your online accounts.

Despite the attempt of added security on the web, cybercriminals have found a way to break through this additional security step. New scams have made authentication codes less secure – authentication via SMS, emails, or voice calls are no longer the safest security option. An example of this, is a cybercriminal stealing a phone with the intention to hack the user’s bank account. The cybercriminal logs in, then the bank sends an authentication code to the phone. Even though most phones are locked via fingerprint, depending on phone settings, a security code could still pop up in the phone, where the cybercriminal could input the information and manage to successfully access your bank account.

Alarming as it may seem, this can easily be prevented by using the following precautions. One, opt in for multi-factor authentication, where you would have to verify your identification more than twice, which will make it harder for cybercriminals to replicate. Two, protect yourself by getting the best security product there is. Trend Micro Maximum Security secures not only your online privacy, but also protects and manages your passwords for your peace of mind, and to avoid instances such as these.

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