Aussies Lose Up To 300% More Money This Year Over NBN Scams

Hackers have been targeting Aussies through false identities—one of which is impersonating NBN employees through phone calls and door knocks. With losses of up to 300 per cent compared to last year, scammers are targeting older Australians in particular, knowing that they are more vulnerable when it comes to online fraud.

Similar to other types of scams, the scammer will claim they are from NBN and will offer discounted NBN services; sometimes even duping victims into giving remote access to their computers. They then ask for personal information and bank details, which the victims naively give away.

NBN Co Chief Security Officer Darren Kane has stated, “We will never make unsolicited calls or door knock to sell broadband services to the public. People need to contact their preferred phone and internet service provider[s] to make the switch”. They reiterated they are a wholesale company who do not sell their services directly to customers, but through service providers.

Be extra careful with scammers who’ll ask for your private information

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) suggests that if you have received any of these calls, ask for further details or better yet, hang up and call your service provider to check their legitimacy. In the event that a scammer has already gained access to your personal details such as your bank account, contact your bank or financial institution immediately.

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