Is Your WiFi Being Used by Someone Else?

If you feel like your internet is taking slower than usual when you’re browsing or using your social media, it may not just be about your internet. Alarmingly, it is possible that someone outside your shared circle could be stealing your internet connection, despite the added security settings around it. There can be several reasons on why it could have been compromised—some of which includes accidentally leaving your WiFi without any secure passwords, or there could have been hackers who maliciously tried to bypass your wireless internet.

If strangers get unwarranted access to your internet connection, there could be a possibility to access your shared files, infect your devices with different types of malware, or worse, steal your passwords and other private information for their personal gain. In such cases, you should determine if there could be any irregular occurrences affecting your internet connection. Trend Micro’s HouseCall for Home Networks can check if your home network is vulnerable from potential cyber-attacks. It scans all of the devices connected to your home network and can help identify if there are any unauthorised connections and detect any vulnerabilities.

Trend Micro Home Network Security is the best defence against network intrusions, unwarranted connections, web threats, and more for every device connected to your home internet. Learn more and get your Home Network Security here.

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