What Home Network Scan Can Do For Your Homes

Most people deal with smart devices on a daily basis, with everyone inevitably owning a smart device or more. As ownership of smart devices rise, the risk of cyber threats rises as well. To counter these threats that could negatively affect your smart devices and your online accounts, Trend Micro offers a service of smart home network scanning, which helps detect any vulnerabilities, and prevents infection by malware.

Is scanning your home network important? 

Home Network Scan secures your digital life by detecting impending threats that could potentially cause harm to your devices at home. Trend Micro engineers will remotely connect to your devices to check for anything that could be considered susceptible to risks. As soon as the scan detects suspicious activity, it will prevent infection by patching loopholes and vulnerabilities that threaten your home network. Additionally, Home Network Scan helps secure your smart home’s virtual assistants, serving as a shield from various online risks.

Defend yourself from risks

Scanning and identifying threats is only the first step. After determining the outcome of the scan, our reliable security experts will offer helpful advice on how to best protect your network and devices from being exposed to threats—some of which include closing open ports and securing routers.

Home Network Scan serves as your armour in fighting off cyber threats; it is always best to be prepared for possible incoming attacks.

Learn more about Trend Micro Home Network Scan Service here.

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