Get the ultimate identity and device protection with Trend Micro’s Device Security Ultimate

Everyone knows how much we rely on our connected devices these days. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure we’re browsing safely and securely. Trend Micro’s Device Security Ultimate makes it easy to secure all aspects of online activity, as well as providing layers of protection to your home network and connected devices. Plus, it keeps your kids safe whenever they go online.

What is Device Security Ultimate?

Trend Micro’s Device Security Ultimate is a comprehensive set of apps that help protect your devices and data from online threats. It includes a powerful antivirus, protection from identity theft, a password manager to beef up account security online, a VPN for secure browsing across a range of devices, home network protection with device audits, security and parental controls for the kids’ devices, and a 24/7 helpdesk that can assist with any problems.

How does Device Security Ultimate protect my personal data?

There’s a wide range of ways Device Security Ultimate keeps your data safe. Trend Micro’s VPN provides a secure, encrypted connection between your device and the websites you’re browsing.

A VPN is especially important when using public WiFi networks like those on public transport or at cafes. Hackers can use these unsecured networks to see what you’re browsing and even steal your data – but a VPN can prevent these types of attacks.

Trend Micro’s dark web monitoring is another way the software keeps your data private. It continually scans the dark web for data leaks, and if it finds any matches it quickly alerts you so you can take action to secure your accounts before they’re breached.

What about my smart home devices?

Device Security Ultimate is an excellent way to protect your smart home devices. Since just about anything from lightbulbs to whitegoods can connect to the internet these days, it’s important to secure them against attacks – especially with devices like smart security cameras.

Trend Micro’s network protection prevents hackers from gaining control of your devices and changing their settings – it might be hard to believe, but even your smart TV can be a backdoor into your network. With Device Security Ultimate this is no longer a risk.

Device Security Ultimate can perform an audit of your network, alerting you to vulnerabilities and allowing you to take action on these problems quickly.

How does it help secure my kids’ devices?

With our kids spending time online, it’s important to keep their devices and browsing habits safe. Trend Micro’s extensive parental controls make it easy to keep your kids safe online – even when new risks are emerging every day.

App detection can send you an alert when your kids open inappropriate apps – something that can be hard to keep an eye on. When an undesirable app is opened, Device Security Ultimate pushes a notification to your phone so you can act quickly.

Device Security Ultimate allows you to easily set schedules to limit your kids’ screen time and manage when they can use their devices.

An excellent content filter is included for kids, preventing their devices from accessing inappropriate websites and content – you can set an age limit to automatically filter a big list of websites, and individually add websites that you don’t want them to see.

Rounding off the features to help protect your kids is Guardian – which helps extend parental controls out of the house on their mobile devices wherever they go, whether it be to their friends, school or to the park.

What devices can it secure?

Device Security Ultimate can secure Windows and Mac PCs, Android and iOS devices, and Chromebook smart devices, in addition to your home network and smart devices connected to your home network.

It’s time to take your identity and device security seriously – beef up your protection with Device Security Ultimate from Trend Micro.

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