A New Online Scam Through a Fitness App Might Be Stealing Your Money

Apple has taken pride in their airtight security with its iOS system and devices. However, there were recent reports where a fitness-tracking application found in the Apple Store, used Touch ID fingerprint scanner to steal money from its unsuspecting users.

Online hacker steals information
Make sure that all your iOS devices are secure

The scam reportedly starts upon opening the app. It will request a fingerprint scan that allows the user to view its calorie tracker and other fitness features. Once the user gets their fingerprint scanned, a pop-up message will state that the user just got charged an amount of $119.99 if their credit or debit cards are directly connected to their Apple accounts. If it was connected, it will be deemed as verified by their  accounts, and in turn, the amount will be wired directly to the scammer. In addition, this pop-up is reportedly so persistent that even if the users refuse to scan their finger in the app, another pop-up will appear which will prompt them to tap the ‘Continue’ button, which will still lead to the suspicious payment procedure. Another important addition to this news is that the fitness app received a high percentage of ratings in the App Store, and had at least 18 positive user reviews, which were most likely fake reviews in order to improve their app’s reputation.

Scammers have become more innovative with their fraudulent schemes, thus, certain measures needed to be done to defend ourselves from such cybercrimes. The best option to prevent these types of threats is to get Trend Micro Maximum Security for Mac, which protects and manages passwords and ultimately safeguard your iOS devices against online scams in order to avoid such unfortunate incidents.

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