Walexer Scam (Confirmed Scam!)

Is Walexer[.]com a scam?

If you’ve come across posts or videos online promoting the crypto exchange platform Walexer[.]com and you’re wondering whether it’s a scam or legit, you’re in the right place! The short answer is Walexer is 100% a scam, but keep on reading for the full scoop. 

Walexer scam site 

Big, bold, bogus claims from the Walexer scam

The Walexer website makes a lot of big claims. The site says that trades made on the platform total $137 million every quarter and that “150+ countries of the world trust and trade” on it. However, for a site that was only registered on the 26th of last month, those stats certainly don’t seem too plausible — even though on its About Us page the site alleges that it’s been around since 2018 (another bogus claim). 


Deceiving videos and deleted posts of Walexer[.]com

For many people, the first time they will hear about Walexer[.]com will be through one of the many deceptive videos posted to TikTok alleging that people can get 0.325 Bitcoin (currently around $9500) for free using a promo code. Of course, the money is not real. The videos are simply designed to drive people to the scam site.

Just a few of the misleading TikTok videos promoting Walexer[.]com
Bogus Walexer[.]com TikTok tutorial video

Additionally, we’ve noticed that posts made to Reddit asking whether Walexer[.]com can be trusted have been deleted/removed by moderators, potentially further adding to many people’s confusion about if it’s legit or not. 

A removed Walexer Reddit post

What the scammers want

As mentioned, Walexer[.]com is a confirmed scam, and any money deposited on the site will go straight into the scammers’ pockets. However, they’re not just after your money — they want your personal info, too. If you were to sign up for the site, all the info you provide when doing so could be sold/leaked by the scammers onto underground hacker forums and/or the dark web. 

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