Are Your Passwords Secure Enough?

Passwords are considered sensitive data, when it ends up in the wrong hands, your private information is at risk. Cybercriminals have found different ways to break into online accounts through various methods and tools, some of which are available to use by anyone.

Choose complex password combinations to avoid being hacked

We rely on our online accounts on a daily basis, using sensitive online apps to do our banking and shopping. We should prioritise the security and strength of our passwords. Some tips to consider— create one password for each account; your password should be a combination of characters, numbers, upper and lower case characters, and even punctuation symbols to add complexity to the password’s strength; and always opt for two-factor authentication process for added security protection. It is also vital to remember not to log in to your private accounts in public computers, where there could be instances that you might forget to log out; and lastly, always remember to change your passwords periodically at least three times a year.

To further strengthen your online accounts, Trend Micro offers the best defence with Password Manager—it identifies weak passwords, provides keystroke encryption to defend against hackers, and it also includes a secure web browser for financial transactions. Trend Micro Password Manager safeguards your passwords across all your devices and generates ultra-secure password recommendations for a worry-free online life.

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