The Newest, Evasive Ransomware Strain Emerges

There is a new ransomware strain uncovered by researchers, and it’s as sneaky as ever. Upon testing, one of the four strains of Dharma managed to successfully evade detection, and is considered as a real potential cyber threat. In its analysis, it was observed that a malicious executable was dropped through a .NET file while another was associated with HTML Application (HTA) files that when extracted, directs victims to contact the criminals via email in order to pay a ransom amount through the use of bitcoins if they want to recover their infected files. The materializing of the newfound Dharma strain just further patents this ransomware’s relevance in online threats, and even solidifies its potential with its ability to become undetected.

New Ransomware Strain Discovered
Your computer’s not safe from the newly-emerged ransomware strain

Europol stated that although ransomware’s growth is sluggish in movement, it is still overtaking Trojans in terms of financially-motivated malware attacks. The best way to deal with this potential attack is to make use of the most viable protection for your devices. The ideal situation in dealing with the newfound Dharma strain is still to remove it before being able to go back to normal use of your infected device. It is also very important to be able to incorporate a good habit in using your computers and other devices, wherein you have viable backups of your files which can be restored in cases of online attacks like these, and finally, having a really good security software at the tip of it all. In order to add further protection to your device, Trend Micro’s Maximum Security for your desktop and mobile devices will help you keep your files secured and stop the encryption of your data in case of any online attack, thanks to its multi-layered and folder shield protection.

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