Software Giant Admits Hackers May Have Had Access to Outlook

In a bid for transparency, software giant Microsoft sent an email to its users informing that hackers may have gained access to information within their Microsoft email accounts from January 1 up to March 28. The incident came about due to a support agent’s credentials being compromised by hackers, allowing unauthorised parties access to information such as email addresses, folder names, subject lines of emails, and email contacts. Microsoft, however, assured its users that the content of the emails or its attachments were not affected.

To further address concerns regarding the incident, Microsoft claims that they have disabled the compromised credentials, prohibiting any other further unauthorised access. Users, unfortunately, may still receive phishing emails or spam mails as a result of the hack. Microsoft have claimed that they will continue to monitor affected users, and protect their accounts in case of any suspected vulnerabilities. Although it was reportedly contained after detection, Microsoft advised its users to change their passwords to secure their accounts. If you think your Outlook account has been hacked, please follow Microsoft recommendations here.

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