MacOS 14 ‘Sonoma’ Release Date: Features and Everything Else You Need to Know

At WWDC 2023, Apple announced the latest MacOS, “Sonoma”.  Sonoma promises an impressive lineup of features, enhancements, and optimisations that have the potential to revolutionise the way you use your Mac. With a strong emphasis on productivity tools and groundbreaking creative advancements, Sonoma is positioned to redefine how you work and engage in recreational and work activities on your Mac. Read on for the key features. 

Key Features of MacOS

Key Features of MacOS Sonoma

Widget Designs  

Sonoma OS’s new widget feature turns the home screen into a vibrant and interactive hub that gives users easy access to information and prompts them to carry out actions where necessary, helping to improve overall user experience. 

Enhanced Gaming Experience 

MacOS Sonoma introduces innovations for gaming on a Mac. Leveraging Metal 3, Apple’s cutting-edge graphics API, Mac users will enjoy elevated gaming prowess and stunning visuals. The introduction of game mode guarantees that games take precedence when gaming by minimising background app activity for a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, the game porting toolkit streamlines the game conversion process for Mac, leading to reduced development times and faster assessments. Additionally, game mode enhances the Bluetooth sampling rate, optimising wireless controllers for superior performance. The inclusion of acclaimed titles like Death Stranding Director’s Cut further elevates the Mac gaming experience. 

Improved Video Conferencing 

With the help of technologies that improve presentation and collaboration, Sonoma elevates video conferencing to a new level. Users can quickly exchange material and communicate with attendees during video conferences on well-known platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, and Webex with the help of a presenter overlay. This guarantees a more enjoyable and effective virtual encounter. 

Enhancements to Safari 

Significant upgrades to Safari are made in Sonoma. Safari will now have capabilities such as locking browser windows, preventing trackers from loading, and deleting URL trackers, all of which are powered by WebKit. These improvements offer a browsing experience that is more private and secure. 

Passkey and Family Password 

Sonoma will also introduce Passkey, enabling customers to easily manage family passwords. Users can securely share passwords with people they know by setting up “family passwords”, which makes it easy to access shared accounts while preserving security. 

Unique Collection for Extensions and Site Bookmarks 

MacOS Sonoma allows users to create a unique collection of extensions and site bookmarks, making it easier to manage and access frequently used tools and websites. This customisation feature enhances productivity and streamlines the browsing experience. 

The precise release date has not been officially announced, but we anticipate its launch to occur later this month. Stay tuned for more info as it arrives!

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