Scam on Gamers: how gamers, live streamers, and live stream viewers are targeted by scammers

Since the pandemic started, we’ve seen a major change in the behaviour of gamers, live streamers, and live stream viewers. Due to restrictions and lockdowns in different countries, gamers availability to play increased and lead to more time spent in playing and watching live streams. With this, scammers have more reasons to be more creative and find ways to scam.

Today we will be discussing scam on gamers, understand how they target live game streamers, and learn how to protect yourself!

3 common scam types for gamers

Scam type 1: Discounted skins and weapon upgrades shopping site

Mobile games like Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift and PC Games like DOTA 2, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone has never been more popular. More and more gamers are willing to spend money to buy game related items like skins or item upgrades that would not only make your character stand out but give you an edge when playing.

What scammers do is create websites that offer skins, weapon upgrades, and in-game currencies at a reasonable price. These are fake offerings where victims won’t receive their purchase after completing the transaction. This type of scam is common and usually distributed through phishing emails and malicious advertisements.

Scam type 2: fake apps/games that may steal your identity

Another type of scam is fake apps of popular mobile or PC games. We usually see this on game forums and scam websites. Scammer’s goal is to get victims’ personal and financial information like credit card numbers, email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers. So be wary of the apps you download, and always verify the site you are visiting before downloading anything on unfamiliar websites.

Scam type 3: fake technical warnings from Twitch

Live game streamers
One of the common scams that target Live game streamers is support scams. What happens is, scammers, pretend to be official support from popular live game stream apps like Twitch. They then warn streamers that there is a problem with their computer that may be caused by a virus infection or that there is a problem with the connection and they need to go to a link provided by the scammer to fix the issue.

When the streamer opens the link, the scammers would convince the streamer to let them access their computer and that there is a Virus infection on their PC that needs to be fixed. They will then get charged and locked out of their machine if they refuse to pay.

Similar to Mobile and PC gamers scams, Live game streamers are also targeted with the same type of scam. They would pretend to be legitimate viewers of the stream and send innocent-looking links or phishing links that offer free game items that lead to malicious files that are downloaded on the streamers’ machine. It allows the scammer to take control of the machine and get personal and financial information that is used for malicious intent.

Scam type 4: cloned popular streamers channel and send out raffle draws

Live stream viewers:
Not only gamers and Live game streamers are targeted by scammers but even viewers. With the tens and thousands of viewers of popular live game streamers, scammers can’t resist finding a way to get money from them.

What the scammer’s do is copy or clone a popular live game streamers channel then broadcast recently streamed content. But this time, scammers include banners or links that promise viewers of prizes through raffle draws. To make it more convincing, scammers use cheat services that allow newly created channels to be pushed to the top of the list of live channels so that viewers are more likely to view them.

When the viewers click on the banner or link, they are then redirected to a scam website with fake reviews showing how easy it is to win, how the process works, and how to get their prize. Victims then enter their banking credentials and a small amount is taken but the scammer keeps the information used for the transaction.

How to protect yourself

Mobile and PC gamers

  • Don’t click on links that redirect you to a 3rd party website to purchase game-related items and links that ask you to confirm your login credentials
  • Only purchase from official websites of games you are playing
  • NEVER download apps from unfamiliar websites

Live game streamers

  • Create a username that can’t be linked to you
  • Use a strong password on your gaming account
  • Don’t share any personal information on your stream
  • NEVER allow any support to remotely access your computer without confirming the legitimacy of the company you are working with

Live game viewers

  • Verify the streamer you are viewing before clicking on links to register for special promos

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