E-Mail Scams Target Aussie Netflix Users

Avid users of Netflix have reportedly received fraudulent emails concerning their accounts on the popular streaming service. Mail security service MailGuard managed to detect the scam which were almost perfect clones of an official email template, which could most likely fool unsuspecting customers.  

The fake email indicates that the user’s account has been suspended, and that it needs to verify personal information by clicking on a link that will be redirected to a page that looks exactly like the real Netflix login page, and there the user has to “update” billing information and full credit card details. Although it succeeded in copying much of the original content, it also has multiple noticeable typographical errors in the fake emails, including the spelling of “Netflix” which uses the lower-case letter “L” to spell as “NETFLlX”, which in itself already looks suspicious, but could still fool innocent recipients.

Netflix assures that they are doing proactive measures to detect these types of cybercrimes, but still advises its users to be more cautious of these types of phishing scams. In case of suspicious activities regarding your accounts, you can go to the Netflix security page.

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