Google Play and Microsoft App Store Delete Suspected Compromised Apps

The Google Play Store and Microsoft App Store have both deleted multiple types of applications from their online stores, as these apps were suspected to be compromised. Google deleted a total of 29 beauty camera apps from its Play Store most of which sends its users to pornographic contents or phishing websites. These beauty camera apps looked legitimate but once installed, were difficult to uninstall.

Meanwhile, Microsoft App Store have also deleted 8 apps in total, which includes Fast-search Lite, and FastTube. Upon being downloaded and installed, it will activate the Google Tag Manager in their domain servers which will trigger the cryptomining script. These apps were reportedly engaged in cryptojacking, a type of malicious activity that uses someone else’s device illegally for mining cryptocurrency.

With these reports of fraudulent apps being stored in different online stores, we have to make sure that all our devices are secured from different types of threats that may be closer to us than we may think. Trend Micro Mobile Security protects against loss, data theft and viruses, helping you keep safe no matter where you go or what you do with your devices.

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