Australia Finally Gets First Taste of Lightning Fast 5G

5G or the fifth generation of mobile network technology, have started to roll out around globe. With 5G-ready smartphones finally entering the Australian market, Aussies will have taste of these super-fast speeds. 5G has a faster network speed compared to 4G, with 5G being capable of download speed as fast as 20Gbps. The faster speeds ensure a more reliable wireless internet and video streaming experience.

5G will be succeeding 4G, and will simultaneously coexist together; Aussie Telcos intend to keep 3G until 2020

Telecommunications giant Telstra have claimed that parts of Australian cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Perth, Toowoomba, and Sydney currently have access to the 5G network. The much anticipated fast connection have piqued the interest of tech-savvy consumers with the tech giant partnering with Samsung, making 5G-ready Samsung Galaxy units available to consumers this month. Telstra also promised an increase of 5G coverage in the coming months, hoping to reach at least 35 Australian cities. Optus and Vodafone are also set to follow in the 5G path, as both companies have also expressed their plans on rolling out 5G connections by 2020; with Optus’ earlier announcement of 5G-powered home wireless broadband plans this year.

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