Getting Extra Mileage from Your Smartphone (Infographic)

Travel apps are one of today’s smartphone essentials. Its overuse, however, can be problematic – especially when you’re always on the go.

Smartphone users are relying more heavily on their devices to make travel plans. According to a recent study, about 29% of consumers use their devices to look up hotel addresses or directions to the place.

Coming in at a close second (26%) is when users check airfare prices on their phones; while 25% use their devices to look up airline contact numbers and flight schedules or statues.

Smartphones are also used to look up airport information (24%) and to scout for tourist spots or activities (23%).

In the spirit of the modern saying “there’s an app for that”, among the top smartphone apps include: flight check-in or status update apps; hotel booking apps; mapping/map apps; restaurant review apps; and airline or transportation apps.

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There are also currently over 16,000 travel apps available for download in the iTunes app store. This adds to the fact that smartphones are no longer just for calling or texting, but also using it for other activities – which certainly takes a toll on its battery life.

Research reports have shown that smartphone batteries do not necessarily last for more than a day. 62% of users interviewed for the study said that they have 20% of power remaining at the end of any given day. 33% of the devices go below 10%, while 12% completely run out of power.

However, there are several other reasons that contribute to a smartphone battery’s short lifespan.

Trojan apps that are able to infect devices require certain amounts of processing power. Ad-supported apps that download notifications and ads in the background contribute to this, too. Poorly coded or GPS-supported apps also drain a smartphone’s battery life; while visiting non-mobile friendly sites add to this, too.

Smartphones undoubtedly make for great travel companions – making our lives easier in the process – but it is best to be conscious about how you use it. Knowing which functions to switch on or off when traveling can lead to maximizing the device’s battery life, especially while you’re on the move.

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