Device Security Ultimate: complete smart home protection

In our last article, we discussed what we can do to make our smart home safe and security software that will be able to help protect your smart home. In the final article of our 3 part series we will discuss the Trend Micro security software solution to protect your smart home: Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate.

Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate provides protection against cyber-attacks for every internet-connected smart device in your home – including game consoles, smart TVs, security camers and other smart appliances.

Security for your smart devices

  • Network protection. Prevents hackers from accessing your smart devices and changing important settings.
  • Malicious website blocking. Via the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to prevent data breaches.
  • Dangerous file blocking. Will scan files in the cloud before they are downloaded and request approval before downloading.

Manage your smart devices from anywhere

  • Approve new devices. Receive notifications when a new device connects to your network.
  • Disconnect unwanted devices. Ability to pause an internet connection for unknown or unwanted devices on your network.
  • Create family profiles. Set profiles for all the members in your family, with set rules for each profile.
  • Scan your smart devices. This will check for vulnerabilities in your devices including unsecure software or settings and weak password settings on your router.
  • Assistant controls. Amazon Alexa ® and Google Assistant ™ are supported so you can receive status updates or even pause the internet via your smart speakers.

As well as protecting your smart devices, Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate also:

  • Protects your PC and Mac. Protect against malware, viruses, ransomware, and other online threats, as well as securing your online banking and shopping.
  • Protection for mobile phones and tablets. Block fraudulent and dangerous websites, guard against phishing scams and banking fraud and optimises your device to keep it running at peak performance.
  • Keep your identity safe. Receive alerts if your personal information is found on the Dark Web so that you can act accordingly. Monitor email addresses, credit cards, passwords, and bank account details.
  • Use a secure VPN. Turn any public hotspot into a secure WiFi connection via Virtual Private Network (VPN) which allows for communication encryption to ensure privacy.
  • Manage your passwords. Manage your passwords from one place and ensure password safety by identifying and changing weak passwords as well as generating tough to crack passwords.
  • Round the clock support. Our expert technical support team are on call 24/7 to assist you with any technical concerns, including installation and setup of your devices.
  • Keep your kids safe online. Manage the time your kids spend online and filter the content they see. Extend these parental controls outside the home with Trend Micro Guardian.

With the world becoming increasingly more digital and personal information available on a variety of devices, including smart devices, it is of utmost importance to protect yourself and family from online threats, hacks, or identity theft.

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