Trend Micro WiFi Protection – A secure VPN to protect your privacy

As we slowly come out of the pandemic and back into activities such as; dining out at restaurants or cafes, spending time in shopping centres, going to the movies or travelling overseas; we will have the option to use public WiFi once again, but is this the safest option?

Public WiFi hotspots can be found at cafes, shopping centres, hotels and airports which allows you to connect to the Internet for free. Many of us will switch to these free hotspots without a second thought so we can browse the Internet, social media, shop or bank in public without having to use our own mobile data. The risks that come with using public WiFi is that security on these networks may be weak or not exist. This leaves you vulnerable to personal information such as banking details or logins to be accessed by cybercriminals.

In order to stay safe while using public WiFi networks, use of a virtual private network (VPN) is essential. We have previously covered what a VPN is, its importance and how to choose the right VPN for you. A VPN will be able to keep your online activities private while using a public WiFi hotspot via an encryption tunnel, so your activities and personal information will stay hidden from hackers.

With the amount of malicious threats present online, ensure you safeguard your personal information and privacy with the correct protection while you are out and about. Luckily, Trend Micro WiFi Protection has your security needs covered while using public WiFi with the following features to keep you safe on the web:

  • Protection on public WiFi. Turn any public hotspot into a secure WiFi via our VPN to keep your private information safe while in public.
  • Securely browse the web. A secure, encrypted tunnel is created for online traffic with bank-grade data encryption.
  • Private Internet connection. Our private network will help you stay anonymous and shield your identity while you securely access your personal information or files. Stay hidden from hackers, trackers, intrusive companies and even your ISP.
  • Enjoy full anonymity. WiFi Protection will not track your online activities; including browsing activity, location, payment information or online transactions; so your privacy is protected.
  • Web threat prevention. Safeguard from malicious websites, fraud and online scams.
  • Use across multiple devices. WiFi Protection can be used across PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices for maximum protection.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Enjoy use of our high-end servers with no speed, traffic, or bandwidth limitations.

Ready to protect your devices? Purchase WiFi Protection here or as part of our complete device and identity solution Device Security Ultimate.

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