Keep Your Kids Guarded Online

Children as young as six gain access to social media sites using electronic devices given by their parents or guardians. Their early access to the Internet or social media makes them more vulnerable to various online threats and scams. It is imperative that supervising adults ensure that they are still protected every time they connect online. 

Once a child uses their device to access social media they are prematurely sharing information which could be a risk itself. Shared information could be misused which may lead to spam emails, scams, fraud, identity theft, and various other cybercrimes. It is essential that children who are connecting online know what they can and cannot click or share. To maintain their online security Trend Micro offers Home Network Security that provides the utmost protection for all your internet-connected device inside your homes.


Utilise your Home Network Security with Trend Micro Guardian for additional essential security to provide complete protection for you and your kids. Are you concerned about how to protect your children beyond your home? Trend Micro Guardian will help you secure your children’s online safety even outside your homes, providing peace of mind that your children are protected online, anywhere. 

Trend Micro Guardian integrates with Home Network Security’s parental control rules and enables security controls such as:

  • Web threat protection – blocks dangerous websites and phishing attempts
  • Website filtering – filters inappropriate sites categorically to protect children from accidentally clicking through it
  • Control online activities –pause the Internet or their YouTube viewing if needed so your children can focus on their educational tasks
  • Enforce time limits – restricts your children’s internet usage within a range of time

These features are available when Trend Micro Guardian app is installed on your child’s device and paired with your Home Network Security.

True to its name, Guardian will ensure that your children are  safe online. It will also help them  practice the same security rules at home and on the Internet, no matter where you are and what network you’re connected to—wifi or data (4G). It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

For more information on Trend Micro Home Network Security with Guardian check out our website here.

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