Popular Video-Sharing App TikTok Intrigues Aussie Youth

TikTok, a new social app that first became popular in China, has seen a rapid increase in its users around the world, including Australia. It is likened to apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook with a similar style to the now defunct Vine, with its short video length. It has caught the attention of many Aussie kids with its vast choice of filters and lip-syncing features.

As TikTok’s popularity increases however, so does the danger it poses to kids. Reports show that the video-sharing app was under investigation in the UK due to how they handle and whether they prioritise the personal data of its young users. TikTok had to pay a hefty settlement fine to the UK’s Federal Trade Commission, and as a response to the concern, they have added online safety videos and comment filters to its app. They also said that they have forbidden hate speech on the platform and will cancel accounts that will violate its rules.

Always make sure that your kids are safe from any online harm when using social media apps

Although TikTok claim that they are protecting the privacy of its users, there have been some very concerning issues that are yet to be resolved, like how the app could be a medium for predators to access children. The app has a 12+ rating on the AppStore, which allows parents to block the app from their child’s phone using parental controls on the device. To ensure all-round protection for your children’s social media usage, Trend Micro Home Network Security is the best defence to use. Set time limits on their social media usage, so that you ensure their safety online.

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