Facebook’s Cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ Raises Security Risks

Facebook finally revealed details about its cryptocurrency, Libra. This new digital currency for everyday consumers aims to grant access to anyone, even to those who don’t have bank accounts but have the need to send and receive money. Libra will be using coins stored in digital wallets available in Messenger, WhatsApp, as well as a stand-alone app. Libra will also allow you to transfer money overseas with minimal transaction fees, which will be active next year.

Facebook will be rolling out Libra in 2020

This new cryptocurrency could undoubtedly change the way we transfer money, but it has its share of risks. Potential users are warned to be weary of this new cryptocurrency for fear that it could expose them to theft and various security breaches. Canstar financial services chief executive Steve Mickenbecker suggests against the early use of Libra, as it seems like it could serve as a back door for hackers. This came from the announcement that the Libra network is “open source” which means that any developer could access its coding and be able to build their own applications in the network.

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