Is It Safe to Leave Your Children Alone in the Internet?

The Internet has made modern parenting a bit easier – by providing distractions and entertainment to children. They are able to watch videos, play games, and more using the Internet on their smart devices at any time. While this may provide a welcome relief to parents, their children becoming addicted to the Internet could damage their mental health.

Trend Micro Home Network Security allows you to set time limits on game consoles and block social apps when needed

With minimal supervision, your kids can wander to parts of the Internet that you may not want them to see. A study by Barnardo’s indicated that children as young as 2 years old start looking at social media when left alone; 79 per cent of 11-15 year olds have experienced cyberbullying, and 78 per cent of the same age group have accessed unsuitable or harmful content through social media. Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan said of this, “Although the internet offers incredible opportunities to learn and play, it also carries serious new risks from cyberbullying to online grooming.”

It is a fact that parents and guardians lack skills and knowledge in understanding how social media works and how to keep their children safe online. It is vital that we should always keep track of our children’s use of the Internet, and when given access to smart devices, there should always be someone carefully watching over their activities.

In order to keep our children safe online, Trend Micro Home Network Security offers the best form of online protection for your children’s online activities. You can control social media and block inappropriate websites. You can also create profiles for each family member, and even set time limits for gaming and Internet use, which you can control via your smartphone app. You can simply rest well, as even outside your home, you can also be get notifications in the event that your security limits are breached, and at the same time, you can also disconnect unwanted connections.

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