Ransomware Crimes Target Bigger Payoffs This Year

Ransomware is still considered a huge and present threat. Cybercriminals use different variants when it comes to ransomware—in 2017, the widely spread Wannacry and Petya were used to exploit many unsuspecting users.

Ransomware is usually spread through spam emails, which is still a popular method to this day. Although attacks are currently more focused on a particular target. Unlike previous years, cybercriminals have been targeting and spreading exploits through local networks instead of over the internet—a different approach from Wannacry which targeted computers running Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Hackers have found new techniques to take money from unsuspecting victims

Hackers have set their sights on high-value users, expecting a high pay-out in exchange for their information. Hospitals and clinics being attacked by this type of ransomware, corrupting medical records and demanding a huge sum of money in return. Cybercriminals use various techniques including targeting a domain and spreading the attack from there—which allows easier access to networks.

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