ANU Suffers Data Breach

Australia National University (ANU) is the latest victim of a massive data breach. This is not the university’s first time being targeted by cybercriminals; the university had their data compromised late last year. ANU confirmed that no credit card details, medical records, or research work were affected by the incident. Although these were left untouched, ANU admitted that information on names, addresses, dates of birth, contact numbers, payroll information, bank account details, and even passport details could all have been accessed in the attack.

Cybercriminals managed to get ahold of personal data from ANU’s database through the hacking incident

ANU had known about the breach for two weeks, but this information was only revealed to the public after ensuring the system was protected from “secondary or opportunistic attacks”. Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt of ANU said, “We are taking this incident extremely seriously, and doing all we can to improve the digital safety of our community.”

No concrete evidence has surfaced of what could be behind the breach aside from accessing private information. Professor John Blaxland of ANU suggests that the hackers were most likely aiming for the university’s research data, saying “if you can’t access the research work itself, because it appears that sufficient protective measures have been put in place, you would want to then go for the personal details.”

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