Threats in Your Smart Home

It started with the convenience of easing into technological advancement—which now evolved into incorporating such technologies in securing our own homes. From the basic digital necessity of having internet at the comfort of your home, we now have artificial intelligence (AI) that could control electronic devices and even the home security. With these increasing development of technology comes an increasing amount of risks that could threaten your safety as well.

Smart homes bring convenience and comfort to your daily life with the interest of making your home life easier while conserving the most valuable thing of all, your time. However, as with other things, there are also downsides to a smart home, such as imminent threats and risks. The smart home controls ranges from lighting and entertainment to security, which could also mean that the security control could be compromised by attackers. Attackers can use internet-connected speakers to issue commands to virtual assistants commonly used in smart homes, such as Alexa and Siri. Security checks can easily be bypassed by cybercriminals through cloning the owner’s voice, and if successful, could potentially gain control of the whole house.

Homeowners could however gain a better control over smart homes through security practices such as making back ups; practicing good password hygiene for every component of the smart homes; becoming knowledgeable about the settings of each component of the smart home; and finally and most importantly, getting the best security. Trend Micro Home Network Security protects devices, including virtual assistants, found at your homes from potential threats and cyber-attacks.

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