Trend Micro Internet Security Wins a “Best Protection” Award for 2018 from AV-TEST

If the main criterion for judging the value of a security application is how well it protects your computer from web and email threats, malware and viruses, then both users and potential users of Trend Micro Internet Security will be happy to hear that the product has been given a “Best Protection” Award for the whole of 2018 by AV-TEST, the premiere independent security testing lab, located in Magdeburg, Germany. With one of the largest collections of malware samples in the world, the AV-TEST Institute guarantees its results on an internationally-recognised level, unbiased by third parties or the idiosyncrasies of individual product reviewers.

What the award requires is peak performance in the targeted category throughout the test year in question.  Since a core factor in AV-TEST’s evaluation is against real-world threats as they arise across the internet, testing of the leading security products—typically between eighteen to twenty products—is a monthly affair. However, consistency and high security results across all twelve months of testing is the main criterion highlighted here. The fact that Trend Micro Internet Security has won a Best Protection Award across the monthly tides of emerging malware means that everyday users can rely upon the product—and of course, Trend Micro—beyond the monthly fluctuations in competitive test results, which are often visible in any given month.

In short, AV-TEST’s Best Protection Award for 2018, given today to Trend Micro Internet Security and four others, is based upon an objective, scientific evaluation over a twelve-month period against seventeen other competing security products. When we say that Trend Micro Internet Security is simply the best antivirus software that users can buy to protect their Windows PC, the AV-TEST results and the Best Protection Award for 2018, provide the hard facts to back that up statement.

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