Safety and Precaution in Using USBs

Removable devices, such as USBs, have become basic instruments in transferring and storing different types of files from one device to another. As much as it is convenient to use however, it also poses a potential threat to different devices–especially when used without any prior caution. There have also been reported instances where researchers weren’t able to pinpoint the origin of a malware attack, but was later proven to be from a USB flash disk.

One threat that comes from USBs is a malware dubbed as “BadUSB”, which takes advantage of fundamental security flaws. It is a vulnerability that could manipulate a USB, and can be detrimental to a device once used. This malware could take over a PC and alter files, or could even apparently redirect the user’s internet traffic. While this may sound alarming, this can also be avoided by taking preventative steps.

Precautions should always be in place especially when it comes to file-sharing and storing. USBs from unknown users should be avoided and USBs purchased from trusted retailers should only be used. Once the USB is inserted into a PC, always scan it using the best security solution. Threats may be incurred by compromised USBs, to add preventative measures get the best protection there is. Trend Micro Maximum Security offers the best defense for your PCs, which can detect and block malicious activities once it threatens to infect the device, becoming the best line of defence against viruses.

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