Instagram Bug Accidentally Exposed Passwords

Instagram recently notified some of its users with a security flaw which exposed some of its users’ passwords to public view, heightening security questions for the popular social media platform. Instagram informed its affected users that when they used the “Download Your Data” feature on the app, their passwords were unintentionally exposed by being included in the URL of their web browsers, wherein it was sent in plaintext. However, it was reiterated that once internally discovered, the bug was fixed to no longer display the passwords, and have notified its users to change their passwords and clear their browser’s history.

It was not long ago that Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, faced a major data breach, and with this recent mishap. Although only a small number of Instagram users were affected by this minor privacy exposure, it still raises significant concern about how Instagram is handling its users’ private information, especially as these passwords were stored on Facebook servers as well, which they claim have already been deleted.

In a world of social media norm, we should always be on high alert when it comes to protecting our privacy, most especially our passwords. Although social media companies have done all major steps in securing its users passwords and privacy settings on their respective accounts, one should never be too complacent in the face of social media settings. Trend Micro Maximum Security serves as a sturdy defence for all your devices, which is made stronger by keeping your passwords protected with Trend Micro Password Manager, which saves and syncs all your passwords  across all your devices. The Password Manager can also propose complex passwords to provide further security to your respective accounts.


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