How Safe Are Your WiFi Routers?

Computers and mobile devices are known to be highly susceptible to viruses and malware, but in a recent report from the American Consumer Institute (ACI), it’s not just these devices that are inclined to being attacked by malware, ransomware, and other online threats. According to the ACI report, 83% of wi-fi routers are inadequately updated; among the 186 routers tested, which included major routers like Linksys, NETGEAR, and D-Link, an alarming 155 routers were found to have vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.

This means that routers are prone to various security flaws wherein devices, such as your mobile phones or your desktops, connected to routers could easily be open to hacks, online threats, and malware. “Each of the 32,003 vulnerabilities identified in this report put consumers, our infrastructure, and our economy at risk,” states ACI. In this digital age, every software weakness in line with online security is a huge concern to the whole world.

Wi-fi routers are not as safe from online threats as you think
Wi-fi routers are not as safe from online threats as you think

The ACI report further stated that hackers target routers which are usually left on, and with the added vulnerability of having the routers’ firmware (software) continuously not being updated, it makes wi-fi routers highly susceptible to hacking.

Outbound attacks, which refers to when hackers access a home device through an inbound attack and use the device to execute malware, is highly possible to take place if the router does not have a proper security from the online threats abound.

If user-friendly ways of updating the firmware are easily available, consumers could keep their routers updated, and as an added protection to a safe online environment free from malware threats, the Trend Micro Home Network Security’s protection against malware and ransomware, can entirely ensure your online safety.

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