Defend, Deflect, Protect: Your Ultimate Defence in a Connected World

This year marks Trend Micro’s 30th year as one of the world’s Internet Security leaders, keeping millions of users safe from malware, ransomware, and other ever-evolving threats.

With advanced artificial intelligence technology, we protect you from identity theft, coin-mining, phishing, and most all emerging online dangers.

Our AI capabilities also stop unknown threats in their tracks, working with other layered technologies to provide the best and deepest security in the industry.

With its evolutionary hybrid blend of the latest threat protection techniques and infused machine learning technology, Trend Micro’s artificial intelligence abilities are always adapting to identify and defeat new malware, ransomware, and other unknown risks.

Recognised by industry experts as delivering 100% web protection, Trend Micro blocks more than 250 million threats daily.

In our 2018 Midyear Security Roundup, we found out that cryptocurrency mining occurrences continued to rise, with detections in the first half of this year more than doubling compared to the last 6 months of 2017. During the first half of this year, cryptocurrency mining malware families have also trended upward as cybercriminals remained keen on profiting from digital currencies.

Trend Micro blocked more than 140,000,000 email threats in Australia and almost 20,000,000 in New Zealand. Malicious URLs blocked in Australia totalled almost 10 million, while New Zealand had more than 1.2 million instances. On top of this, Australia has had at least 12 million recorded instances of banking data breaches based on information released in May of this year.

While ransomware might be slowing down in terms of volume, it has continuously evolved. The number of ransomware instances grew by 3%; from 369,698 in the last 6 months of 2017 to 380,299 in the first half of 2018.

Ransomware attacks come from multiple entry points and methods, making its variants harder to detect or block. Consumers and enterprises must employ a multilayered approach to protection, plus a security solution that applies different threat defence techniques that apply the appropriate technology at the right time.

To combat these online risks and more, we’ve improved our already award-winning online security software.

For this year’s range of Internet Security products, we’ve added Pay Guard, an additional layer of protection for when you bank or shop online on any of your web browsers.

Pay Guard applies its powerful protection features to your default browser automatically; protecting your data during financial transactions – including your credit card info and personal data.

We are also equipped with other protection features and is bundled with companion products to address specific needs such as coin-mining malware protection, preventing malware that can hijack your computer to secretly mine cryptocurrencies.

Trend Micro Security provides fileless malware protection from spam campaigns or malicious websites, which alters the Windows Registry and executes in Windows PowerShell, delivering malicious payloads that execute within memory.

We also protect you from tech support and phishing scams that send phony warnings about fake infections in emails or when browsing, prompting you to download fake antivirus or remote access software or to call fraudulent tech support hotlines. Such scams can result in the hijacking of your computer or the theft of your identity data or your money.

Our enhanced folder shield boosts ransomware protection by extending it to all user accounts registered on your computer. This protects your key documents from modification by malware or encryption by ransomware. You can even customise which folders or files are protected – even those on Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

With Trend Micro Network Scan, you can go through your network to detect unprotected devices. This alerts you which of them to install your unused seats in your licence, protecting other members of your family.

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