Why Artificial Intelligence should be your Cyber-bodyguard

A good portion of the general public can be guilty of not thinking twice about their tech’s security, regrettably, hackers and other cybercriminals pounce on these chances whenever it could benefit them.

These cybercriminals will do whatever they can to extort or exploit their victims, and with the available hacking technology today, everyone is at risk.

Although the current security landscape might seem dire more often than not, we can be saved by the latest in cybersecurity – Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applies complex algorithms to identify, prevent, and respond to threats that are able to slip through traditional device protection software.

Trend Micro’s Maximum Security protects you and your family by delivering a cutting-edge, multi-layered home security solution that also implements AI.

AI safeguards you from a broad list of threats that include spam, exploits, targeted attacks, and ransomware.

Artificial Intelligence identifies, prevents, and responds to threats that slip through traditional computer protection software.

It also has another advantage over traditional security software, a reduction in updates. This lets you concentrate on more important tasks, not having to worry about updating and restarting your computer every so often.

While it allows for fewer updates, Trend Micro’s AI technology keeps your protection up-to-date and places you at the forefront of cybersecurity – protecting you from the latest threats and learning from the latest online security issues.

Maximum Security also shields you from web-based and file-based attacks, while also securing your precious email and social media accounts.

Sometimes it only takes one slip-up or oversight before you realise you’ve lost all your valuable data – family photos, banking information, and other important documents.

With Trend Micro, you get 29 years of experience in protecting customers from both home and business settings; and experts who want to share their experience in helping make the unknown, known.

Don’t let yourself or someone you know be the next victim.

Comprehensive multi-device protection for you and your family for up to 6 PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices. For more info click here.

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