As the Holidays Approach, Here are Some Online Shopping Tips

Because of its convenience and simplicity, online shopping and banking have been more commonplace over the past several years. With the holidays just around the corner, are you certain of your online security?

Cybercriminals and online scammers alike are taking advantage of the overabundance of online transactions, with victims being none the wiser as the crimes are being committed. Read through and watch the video below for tips on safeguarding all your online activities.

Online hackers mainly use the following tricks:

  • Fraudulent websites
  • Fraudulent Emails
  • Intercepting transactions
  • Targeting vulnerable computers or devices

Clicking cautiously online and using one’s common sense is the best way to stay as safe as possible. As you do your online shopping this Christmas, Trend Micro has several tips to boost your safety.

Make sure you are accessing known or verified websites. Begin with an official website rather than relying on search engines. If you are familiar with the website, it is “less likely to be a rip-off”.

When purchasing online, look for the padlock symbol and never use your credit cards on websites that do not employ secure sockets layer (SSL).

The more information you give out, the easier it is to get scammed; so never give out unnecessary information. Always remember that websites do not need your tax file numbers or birthdays to make a purchase, and make sure you read the terms and conditions as some fine print can be sneaky.

Online shopping can be really enticing to consumers; sales come often, there is a huge selection, and shipping is usually fast. Just make sure of the safety of all your online transactions.

And for that extra layer of protection, Trend Micro Maximum Security verifies SSL certificate authenticity, protecting your sensitive data from unsecured banking and shopping websites.

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