Smart home lighting choices broaden as more companies are chipping in

There is no shortage of smart home appliances and accessories these days, as even smart bulb options are on the rise. While it might not be cheap, as leading provider Philips cost around US $30 per bulb for white ones, there is now a more affordable option.

Ikea recently announced their smart bulbs, as low as $11.99 per unit, will be available in the coming months. This new product is HomeKit compatible, meaning you have the capability to control it through Siri.

Ikea is reinforcing their TRADFRI smart lighting line to be compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. They also said they will be retrofitting their smart bulbs, applying the latest technology to selected existing products.

The startup kit costs about $79.99 (comes with two light bulbs), but each additional smart bulb will cost about $11.99 for the entry-level units – with the more expensive ones topping out to around $19.99 per. Other accessories, like motion sensors and light dimmers, will also be similarly and affordably priced.

While this makes smart bulb technology more affordable in general, Philips might still hold an edge as they offer more flexible and customisable products and technologies through their Color Ambiance and Hue Lighting lines.

Furthermore, Notaa is launching in a few days in Australia – making it the first HomeKit installer in the country.

Notaa specialises in installing and setting up products that utilise Apple’s Siri technology and other iPhone-based home automation services. The company offers in-home services where experts bring the products to your home and assist in installing and using the products.

The company also has a wide-range of products from Philips, Nanoleaf, and Elgato, among others. While they are starting out in the Sutherland Shire and Sydney areas, the company also plans to expand these services to New Zealand in the coming months. This development could surely lead to more companies offering the same or comparable products and services.

On the other hand, this development could also lead to cybercriminals thinking up of more ways to hack into our homes and private lives.

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