Security reports say businesses are not equipped against evolving computer threats

Security researchers say businesses are not prepared in terms of protecting their data, and are consequently going through the financial effects of losing their information.

Approximations of the past year’s losses are an estimated $914,000 for organisations who have gone through computer-related threats.

Another study of corporate backup systems in close to 20 countries worldwide show businesses are not equipped against newer, developing security threats – even though they might be successful in decreasing the instances of the more traditional security threats.

Researchers also found out that 23% of the organisations that took part in the study have gone through some sort of data loss or disruptions in their systems. When taking into account internal breaches, the number goes up to 36%.

These businesses not only face breaches to their main databases, but also their backups and protected data.

Businesses are not prepared in protecting their data – and are going through the financial effects of it as a consequence.

These organisations should be able to combat ransomware attackers, hackers, and other cyber-attacks that target their data – while also finding better solutions to protect their backups and emergency databases.

While not less than 8 out of 10 respondents said their companies are planning to manage a majority of their business applications in the “cloud” in the next 24 months, less than 50% have confessed to not protecting their cloud data completely.

More than 50% of the respondents also said the run their email accounts publicly in cloud storage, while approximately 3 out of 10 have their IT solutions in the cloud, too.

More than 70% of the study’s participants also said their companies might not meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) when recovering their data “on premise and off premise”. The same number of respondents also showed no confidence in terms of recovering their data in case of a data breach or downtime in their system.

Roughly 82% of these same companies do not feel confident with their current data protection and think their organisation will not be able to meet future business challenges; while 73% said their institutions will not be able to be at par with faster performance or in new flash storage capabilities.

In addition to these statistics, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers aren’t known for accidental loss or deletion protection, so experts stress that it is every organisation’s duty to embrace cloud storage solutions as part of their data protection policies.

Security researchers speculate that consumers are in an ever-evolving data protection landscape – protecting themselves from cyber-attacks, safeguarding their cloud storage databases, and the like. Their research displayed how businesses are not up-to-date when it comes to protecting themselves from these possible data or cloud storage catastrophes.

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