Badblock Ransomware Has Met Its Match

Computer owners who were victimised by the Badblock ransomware can now rejoice, as a computer security expert came up with a tool to decrypt their locked files – free of charge.

Security expert Lawrence Abrams recently published a study of the Badblock application in the first days of June. In his report, he criticises Badblock, calling it “poorly coded and horribly designed”.

Abrams also said this as Badblock not only locks the files on the computer, but also severely cripples the machine.

“Unlike almost all other ransomware infections, Badblock will not only encrypt your data files, but it will also encrypt the executables on your computer, including important Windows system files. This means that if you reboot your computer after Badblock encrypts your machine, you will find that the computer no longer starts,” stated Abrams.

This happens because Badblock encrypts the required executables, too. This however, is not the only thing that separates Badblock from other ransomware types.

Badblock’s victims can now rejoice, as a free tool can decrypt their infected files.

When the ransomware starts its encryption of the files, a notice that tells the user of the infection appears.

The victims may use this information to gain access to the computer’s task manager and terminate the .exe file, shutting down the encoding before it ends. Yet this does not repair the ransomware-infected data.

Fabian Wosar recently released a tool to help Badblock’s victims by decoding their locked files for free and effectively fighting the Badblock epidemic.

After downloading Wosar’s program, one must drag an infected file and an identical or similar file onto the program. This then leads to the production of a decryption key which could be utilised for all remaining locked files in the computer.

It should go without saying that to avoid any sort of ransomware infection, one should avoid opening malicious links or attachments; have an antivirus program installed on their devices; and only install legitimate updates to their software.

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