A recently-discovered vulnerability affects Apple’s macOS operating system anew

Apple is once again hit with another controversy, right after concluding the bug fix for iPhone FaceTime. A zero-day vulnerability, or attacks that focus on previously unknown software vulnerabilities, was found affecting Apple’s macOS desktop operating system. This recently discovered exploit was specifically targeted on macOS Keychain Access, which stores passwords and private account information. This security hole in the Apple software could potentially hack apps that require log in, including banking apps.

This vulnerability is discovered by a teenager from Germany who posted his discovery online through a video. Apple security team has reached out to him but he has continuously refused to disclose details of what he found unless Apple create a bug bounty program for macOS, something the company does not usually do. There could possibly be no fix in the works as of this date, as the researcher is still determinedly refusing to give information he found to Apple in order for the vulnerability to be fixed, unless his demands are met accordingly. 

With this back-to-back news about vulnerabilities pertaining to Apple software, we should always take extra precaution in using our macOS devices. Trend Micro Maximum Security for MAC serves as a protection from ransomware and different types of online threats that could potentially harm your devices.

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